Training and Analysis


We start by reviewing the rig’s specific equipment, operations, policies, and procedure manuals. Collecting pertinent information, we create an evaluation checklist detailed for individual assessment. We also include operational performance points that are imperative for an effective operation. If required, recorded videos of tasks will help with assessing operations for consistency. We will interview and work closely with individuals in preparation for the training. We listen to all concerns and comments taking note of the points presented. Whether it is inefficient operations, or equipment not operated to it’s full potential, with the equipment manuals, rig specific operations, recorded videos, and input from our client, we can assess problems and create a plan to improve your operation’s performance.


With our Operational Performance Checklist created, we then ensure that the details are thoroughly taught to all crew members. All pertinent information is communicated and questioned, including screen navigation and interaction, proper control and timing of equipment, and operational procedures. Along with our standard continuous advisement of best practice methods during operations, we also consistently reference and remind operator personnel of required adherence to company specific written work instructions, conducting sequences and practices as recommended and discussed within.


During the training process we thoroughly evaluate each employee to ensure they understand each specialized system being operated. The rig specific checklists and our proprietary “Praxis” assessment process are used to record and analyze their progress during this period. Based on this, we provide detailed training that is structured as necessary for each operator to ensure knowledge and confidence are built. A completed Praxis assessment and certificate is provided for the crew member upon meeting our stringent achievement criteria.

Your operation will benefit from the experience and knowledge of XOPS.