About Us

Our Team:

eXtensive Operational Performance Services Pte Ltd (XOPS) was formed in June of 2007 to assist with start up operations and is the original training service company providing Human Machine Interface (HMI) and equipment training onsite for the offshore industry. All of our dedicated instructors have previously held the position of toolpusher on the latest generation automated drilling units. XOPS specializes in human machine interface (HMI) operations, and we will bring our knowledge and new approach to your operation on location and on the job.

Our Training:

Our training is strategically different in that we come to you. We provide thorough analysis of your existing operations and identify areas where improvements can be made. We continually assess, train and mentor personnel on an individual basis in the use of drilling equipment to alleviate unsafe practices and operator errors. We also offer our extensive knowledge of the industry to the ever increasing inexperienced rig population and help to optimize your operation for full client satisfaction – and achieve this with minimal interference to your operations.