Extensive Operational Performance Services

Training For Performance

Does your rig have downtime caused by mistakes?

 Are inexperienced employees causing delays?

 Are you experiencing personnel turnover?

 Could you benefit from having an expert on site to mentor your employees and provide vital resources?


Whether you are a drilling contractor or operator requiring training, evaluation of personnel, or analysis of operations, we can assist in improving the performance on your rig. With over 380 combined years of drilling, training and analytical experience we can help your operation. Our team of industry experts have successfully completed assignments for the leading drilling contractors on the top oil companies’ most advanced projects in 35 countries across the globe.

Automated Process

With today’s advanced drilling units, computerized control systems and automated process equipment is the standard means of business. These systems can be quite complex, requiring trained operators, proper planning, and a thorough knowledge of the equipment to optimize its use. At the position of driller competent personnel are imperative. These key supervisors require specific instruction with computerized controls to make them the complete, capable operator essential to any drilling program’s ultimate success.

Automated Equipment Operation Instruction

XOPS provides that training. We specialize in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and automated equipment operation instruction – on site. Through on task mentoring of personnel and analysis of operations, we ensure that not only your drillers, but senior supervisors and crews, learn how it’s done safely and correctly. Show the oil company your commitment to making the operation as efficient as possible.

XOPS mission is to increase the knowledge and competence of crew members to ensure the safest and most efficient operations possible