I first had the pleasure of having your XOPS Trainers on board the brand new Jack-Up Sapphire Driller when the rig started operations for the first time in Ivory Coast working for Foxtrot, then the second time with our brand new 6th generation DrillShip “Platinum Explorer” which was delivered 15th November 2010 and is working for ONGC in India.

On both occasions using the XOPS Trainers to assist the crews with the equipment, and also coaching the crews for better performance was a huge success to both start up operations. Having new build rigs, new crews and the high technology on these rigs, it would have been very hard for the crews to adapt as quickly as they had done, without the expert assistance from the XOPS Trainers.

I would certainly recommend to any company with new build units or start ups in new countries  with new crews to strongly look at getting XOPS Trainers on board for the first 6 months+. It will certainly pay to keep a happy client, have better performance with the equipment, and a safer rig operation.”

Peter Burnett
Rig/Country Manager
Platinum Explorer

During our preparations for start up the oil company was hesitant in regards to our crews experience with operating the equipment.  We contacted XOPS to provide support during sea-trials and on our first location. The professionalism and expertise provided was way above what we expected. The crews gained competence at a fast pace by shortening their learning curve and appreciated the guidance that was shown.

Thanks to XOPS, we are now operating like a year old rig in just a few months afterstarting operations. Job well done.”

J. L.
Rig Manager

We were experiencing a high turnover of our crews which concerned us as it affected our operations. XOPS provided us 2 consultants initially to train and assist with operations during this time. Our turnover eventually decreased where we were able to get down to one consultant. Having a knowledgeable mentor made a world of difference and our drilling operations improved tremendously. Would recommend XOPS to any rig in need of better performance.”

M. T.
Rig Supt.
West Africa